We work with families, individuals and institutions by helping them to preserve their personal heritage and their stories, so that they can share them with their loved ones and leave an invaluable legacy for generations to come.

We’ll produce for you films, books and websites with all your ancestors’ stories and records.

Let us interview this special member of your family or organisation, and keep first hand these unique stories of your ancestry that will strengthen connections across generations. 

Do you have the desire to bring together your family history but don’t have the time to do it?

  1.   Are you feeling overwhelmed with all your ancestors’ records, photos and old footage and don’t know where to start?

  1.     Wouldn’t it be great to have a legacy video of your parents or grandparents telling their story first hand and keep it forever?

  1.     Is your company or nonprofit organisation considering recognising someone this year for an individual accomplishment, public service or corporate achievement?

  1.    Does  your family come from a non-English speaking background and want to keep a testimony of your language and culture?


If you are looking for professional, affordable and customised solutions, you are in the right place.

We’ll help you by producing a video legacy, book memoirs or family history private website with all your stories, photos, audio clips, family tree, old footage and other memorabilia from any format, so they can live forever, never get lost and be enjoyed for generations to come.


VIDEO: Preserve a first hand testimony from your parents or grandparents; their stories, experiences and wisdom that will strengthen connections across generations. Learn more

BOOK: Keep in a print format your family tree, photos and stories about your ancestors. We’ll write and design everything for you.

Ask us for bilingual options if you come from a non-English speaking  background. Learn more

BLOG: Share with your loved ones the stories, moments, photos, videos and testimonies that shaped your family story, online.

Make them grow with other family member’s contributions and keep them updated with new events. Learn more

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