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Every project is as unique as the story it tells or the event it captures. For this reason, we design every story project to suit your tastes and priorities.


                   Call us for a free initial phone consultation and estimate.

Services included with FAMILY HISTORY  WEBSITE / BLOG:

  1. Bullet Pre-production home or office visit to organise your materials  

  2. Bullet In-depth interview session to help you identify the story lines of your unique personal memoirs

  3. Bullet Private sharing and login on the web, available

  4. Bullet Audio-video interview to be included in your blog

  5. Bullet Your photos, negatives, slides, memorabilia, old footage, maps and family tree included

  6. Bullet Photo captions

  7. Bullet Custom photo retouches (crops, scratch removal, etc.)

  8. Bullet Custom scans of photos, documents and memorabilia (invitations, programs, etc.)

  9. Bullet Proof online copy so you can preview your blog / website

  10. Bullet FREE consultation on how to use the blog and include more content once the web is set up


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If you come from a non-English speaking background, talk to us.

We will create a bilingual product that will help you to keep a testimony of your language and culture.

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Betty’s family and friends are now enjoying her story and keeping in touch online by interacting with the blog, throughout their comments, updates and latest events.

Betty’s Memoirs